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Business Linkage Centre


The BLC is in operation since 2007, with the introduction of the BBBEE codes from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). The BLC is the SMME development arm of the Middelburg Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) and operates as a department within (MCCI).

The Mpumalanga Enterprise Development Organisation (MEDO) is the vehicle created by MCCI to provide Article 18A certificates, whereby investors can claim tax benefit for investment.

This letter serves as an introduction of our organisation, to provide hassle and stress free assistance on Enterprise Development (ED) and Socio-Economic Development (SED) – two elements on the BBBEE score-card. We also provide a trustworthy platform and our proven track record speaks for itself. We have annual solid endorsements and most of our investors are repeat and satisfied clients.

Enterprise Development

It is widely recognized that small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) play a central role in driving the African continent's growth trend and that SMMEs form the backbone of employment-creating initiatives in Africa.

We focus on SMMEs’ to grow and develop their businesses to be sustainable, profitable enterprises. We strive to provide these SMME’s sustainable access to markets by linking them with procurement information and tenders.

We have the following programmes:

  • Training and mentoring – Accredited training programmes on business soft skills and Accredited mentors and business advisors
  • Entrepreneurial competition – “Dragon’s Den”

Don’t believe us…..

ask our SMME’s………….

We are really grateful to BLC for the facilitation in us winning two contracts from a corporate company in our municipal area. Your help and assistance in developing our company with the skills development programmes grew our company to the next level.”

ask our Corporate Companies………….

Effortless I received full BBBEE recognition for my Enterprise Development and Socio-Economic Development elements using the BLC platform.”

Socio-Economic Development

Feeding the Hungry – Protein

The project started in August 2012 and in less than 11 months, we’ve assisted more than 5000 beneficiaries with these food parcels.  For only R360.00 a month per food parcel, including menu plan, your contribution would assist a family of four to have balanced meals for a month.

We supply food parcels, for community and disadvantaged schools and families who cannot support themselves. Our mission is to provide beneficiaries sustainable access to food. 

This programme promotes school attendance, which in turn address low skills level vs. employability.

The focus is on a balanced meal a day, with special attention on protein supplements for the beneficiaries.

In many instances learners are reluctant to accept food assistance, because the family at home remains hungry. These food parcels ensure that the whole family gets the same food and a balanced meal per day.

Step by step giving a child sustainable access to the market by completing school and leave with a matric certificate and also can be employable (SHORT TERM GOAL – EDUCATION) – addressing the unemployment rate amongst youth (LONG TERM GOAL – UNEMPLOYMENT).

Career Expo

Middelburg Chamber of Commerce received international recognition (Nominated top 5) for the project with the International Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the World Chambers Forum in Doha, Qatar April 2013.

This is an annual project since 2009. The career expo is targeting the youth between the ages 13 and 19 years with specific reference to address the skill shortage. After the huge annual success and impact of the career expo it was confirmed by Department of Education’s (DOE) calendar that the career expo will be saved on their annual calendar.

The exhibitors such as local businesses, government departments and training colleges all are invited to participate. All the exhibitors explain the opportunities to the learners that exist within their different industries. The industry career paths are also explained to the learners.

The career expo will be adding an extra program - entrepreneurial development specifically for those individuals who want to run a business and wants to be an entrepreneur still in school. The program will include: assessments; training; mentoring and linking to available opportunities.

The cost for businesses to participate in this world class event is R3 000 for the exhibition stand and will be used to cover operational expenses. Stand size to be confirmed.

Our Value Statement

The BLC strives to ensure that our services adhere to all requirements from DTI and IRBA. MCCI has BBBEE recognition of Level 4 contributor.

Our strategized approach is hassle and stress free for the client.  We provide our clients with all the required supporting documentation to ensure smooth and successful BBBEE evaluation.  It is important to note that to date we only have successfully, validated BBBEE projects to ensure optimum BBBEE points.

Corporate Governance is of the utmost importance to us. We have appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers as our financial and project auditors. Our projects also ensure full recognition for every rand spent and also the added bonus points of 1.25% of developing Category A beneficiaries.

Article 18A certificates for your investment on ED and SED initiatives to claim TAX benefit.

We endeavour to accommodate client’s sponsorship exposure and requirements, within reason. Annual reports and audits are compiled to meet corporate governance and audit requirements.

We believe that together with the business community we can positively influence our business environment and request a meeting with you in order to discuss your organisation’s potential participation opportunities in the projects. 

**Please see our marketing profile for more information on our success stories as well as impact and the awards and recognitions received.  

Proud Investors

AAdvanced; ABSA; Ammeka Industries; Atlantis Mining ; BECSA (BHP Billiton); Columbus  Stainless; Formprops 176; GIZ; GK Steel; Hendrik Panelbeaters; Hoëveld Radiators; Köhler Auto; Kruger Civil and Steel; Liketh Investments/Imbawula Mining ; Massyn Vervoer; Our motors trading as Ermelo Kia; Phillips SA; Provincial verification agency trading as B-Logic; RendiField; Rontek Electrical; Rotech Systems; Samancor Ferrochrome; Simotech; Siphesible Transport t/a TMR’s; Steynvaard Loodgieters ; TJ Ngwenya Engineering; Truckline Services; Twenty four motors; UMFA and WTH Management and Training.

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