Sunday, October 21, 2018 | Awards: SACCI Chamber of the year 2011; World Chamber Forum Finalist 2013

About BLC

7 reasons WHY the BLC should be your partner of choice in BBBEE:

  1. 100% project success
  2. Annual solid endorsements (proven track record)
  3. Article 18A certificates – tax benefit for your company
  4. Career guidance to youth – employment opportunities
  5. Stress-free, accessible and trustworthy platform
  6. High quality approved ED and SED projects with full recognition on BBBEE score-card
  7. Free services offered to SMME’s (Tenders/Training/Coaching/Mentoring)

BLC Accomplishments

More than 700 SMME’s were trained on business soft skills like: marketing and financial management; tendering skills; source documentation and effective management training skills; as well as export readiness; health and safety; VAT and income TAX, and Basic Bookkeeping. Also including training on customer care and selling skills.
34 SMME’s of the Steve Tshwete Municipal area to be assessed, entrepreneurial training was provided and a one-on-one mentoring session was provided to guide SMME in right directions and to establish way forward.
More than 300 SMME’s were trained on computer literacy skills level 1 to level 3.
37 SMME’s of the Steve Tshwete Municipal area were enrolled in a mentoring and coaching program focusing on growing their business to sustainable profitable enterprises.


2010 SACCI – Chamber of the year
2010 - 2011 Leeds City Council – best practices (Leeds City Council received award for International project on best procurement practices of which were a partner in)
2011 SACCI – Chamber of the year runner up
2012 World Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Best Youth Entrepreneurship Project - Career Expo – Nominated

We guarantee business sustainability by providing ultimate solutions to improving BBBEE score-card ratings


The government and economists highlighted the importance of SMME development and the importance of job creation.

The growth of the local economy is important and everything possible should be done to stimulate economic growth. It is a known fact that the total local annual average economic growth over the past ten years has been 2.6% whereas the national average is 3.5% (BIC study) and this is a matter of concern not only to organised businesses, but also to the local government.

Middelburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry started investigating in 2002 on how we can create a link between the different sectors in our local economy and decided to develop a Business Linkage Centre (BLC); this proposal was submitted at the Local Economic Development Forum (LEDF) to the Steve Tshwete Municipality (ST LM) in the beginning of 2007

Various studies during the past few years it became apparent that there is a gap between large corporate companies, medium sized independent businesses and small and micro enterprises (SMME), with specific emphasis on the emerging SMME’s.

The Middelburg Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) act as communicator between SMME’s and corporate companies and represents the business community in many ways.

The BLC is in line with the LED strategies of the Steve Tshwete Municipality, it’s one of the pillars in the strategic orientations.

There is no doubt that the Business Linkage Centre is fulfilling a vital role and will play an even bigger part this year within the business environment and communities in the area of operation.

We believe that the viability of the BLC is determined by the quality of service that it renders to the participating companies and the small emerging contractors involved.   It will also be important to establish and develop partnerships with other governmental organizations.

To ensure that SMME’s comply with all the necessary statutory requirements, the BLC act as catalyst. This eliminates the cumbersome task that companies have in this regard.

In the end the BLC strive to offer a sustainable service to business with a central referral point for enquiries and assistance.

BLC Services

  • BBBEE certification
  • Career Guidance + Career Expo
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Enterprise Development
  • Linking
  • Preferential procurement
  • Socio-Economic Development
  • Supplier Application Registration
  • Supplier Search
  • Tender service
  • Training
  • Contractor packs



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